Training seminar: Transit techniques and customs clearance formalities

On Wednesday 16 and Thursday 17 January 2013, the Exporters Club of Tunisia will organize a training seminar at the exporter’s house, with the theme:

“Transit Techniques and Clearance Procedures”

This training will be led by Mr. Chelby Barkati, an academic, former senior officer of the customs administration and author-researcher.

Learning objectives:

Understanding Transport Logistics

To be able to benefit the company from tax and customs advantages

Reduce the risk of delay and / or litigation

Training Objectives:

Strong control of customs operations

Deepening knowledge to eliminate the risk of error

Target population :

Executives, purchasing, sales, import-export, logistics, transit, financial, legal and litigation staff, audit staff, management control staff.


Wednesday 16 January 2013

· The Customs Administration

– Role and missions of Customs

– Relations with offices

– The provisions for the application of the code “Notes”

– The other legal provisions applicable in customs matters

· Stores and customs clearance areas

· Logistics activities area

· The customs declaration

– Nature, shape, structure, architecture

– Documents to be attached to the declaration

– The documents necessary to be able to clear an export goods

· Clearance formalities

– Who can clear customs?

– Corporate responsibility (signature delegation)

– The C.A.D, legal quality and commitments to its “client”

– Obligations of the declarer

Thursday 17 January 2013

· Clearance procedures

– Common law (conduct)

– Simplified procedures

– Computerized customs clearance: SINDA via TTN

· The foldable briefcase

· The elements of the customs declaration

· Customs procedures

– What is a customs procedure?

– Table of Customs Procedures

– Follow – up, clearance, regularization and lifting

– Import for re-export

· The Origin:

– Origin in common law

– Countries in preference agreements with Tunisia

– Documents certifying the origin / products

· Practical case :

– Reimbursement of customs duties

– Restitution of duties and taxes.

Date of training: Wednesday 16 and Thursday 17 January 2013

Place of training: Home of the exporter

Training hours: from 8.30 am to 2.00 pm (coffee break included in the interlude)

Participation fees:

150 DT / participant

100 DT / participant for the members of the Club (membership 2013)

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